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August 23 —Sept 8 at the Patchogue Theatre

"A circus to blow your circuits." - San Diego Tribune

In the spirit of the successful international touring sensations Cirque Ingenieux and Cirque Dreams comes the latest reinvention of theatrical circus artistry from Cirque Productions, CIRQUE DREAMS: Jungle Fantasy, a colorful dream in an enchanted forest performed on stage and in the air. An international cast of graceful aerialists, spine bending contortionists, vine swinging characters, strongmen and balancers bring this jungle dream to life in a lush, Broadway setting filled with wildly unpredictable designs, special effects, inventive choreography, puppeteering and dazzling costumes. Imaginative theatrics combined with world-class acrobatics make CIRQUE DREAMS: Jungle Fantasy an exhilarating journey the entire family can experience together.

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Contorting Lizard
Monkey Manipulator, Jungleboy
Junglebee, JazzZebra
Soul Tree Violinist
Emu, Jungleboy
Frog Juggler
Junglebee, JazzZebra
Owl, Jungletwirler
Balancing Giraffe, Snake Roller
Contortion Lizard
Junglebee, JazzZebra
Lady Bug Vocalist
Contorting Lizard
Jungle Swinger
ButterFlyer,Jungle King
ButterFlyer, Unicorn
Owl, Jungle Aerialist
Jungle King, Monkey Manipulator
Jungle King, Monkey manipulator
Balancing Girraffe
Emu, Jungleboy


hh   With a background in theater arts and business, Neil Goldberg, a native New Yorker, relocated to South Florida in 1982. Over the next 10 years he created, owned and operated numerous entertainment companies including Parties by Neil, Entertainment Etc., The Zanadu Dance Company and Creative Cloth Designs. Collectively, his organizations formed one of the country’s leading theatrical, special events and entertainment production conglomerates. Highlights of Neil’s illustrious career include creating productions for 2 Super Bowls, 2 Miss Universe Pageants and the Walt Disney World Company along with thousands of private and high-profile corporate events worldwide. He has worked with renowned figures and significant artists including Baryshnikov, Liza Minnelli, Dick Clark, Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Estefan, Bob Hope, Vanessa Williams, Donald Trump and Christopher Reeve on productions for NBC, ABC, CBS, charitable events and entertainment projects throughout the world.

 In 1993, Neil created Cirque Productions, the first American company to produce European, theatrical and cirque-style shows for corporate events, theatres and tours.  Recognizing his globally inspired imagination and Broadway expertise, the L.A. Times recently bestowed upon him the title of today’s leading “theatrical impresario and circus maven.”  In 1996 after appearing on NBC’s Today Show with the cast of “Cirque Ingenieux”, Neil was hailed by the New York Daily News as “uniquely ingenious.”  In the spring of 2006, Neil released his first book entitled “C…through the eyes of Neil Goldberg,” a 16 year compilation of cirque artistry, showmanship and costume couture all imagined, designed and produced by Neil and his conglomerate of companies.

Since 1993 Cirque Productions has created and opened over 12 new original shows performing in theatres, casinos and for tours worldwide.  They include Imaginique for Busch Gardens Williamsburg, VA -  Cirque Branson - Christmas Dreams, a holiday musical stage celebration - “A Day In Life of An Artists” and “Breakthrough”, both original off-Broadway musicals.  The new Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy”is now touring the US through 2010.  Other “Cirque Dreams” brand shows include “Cirque Dreams Illumination”, “Cirque Dreams Coobrila” at Six Flags theme parks throughout the U.S., “Cirque Dreams Pandemonia”, and “Cirque Dreams Christmas Holidaze”.

Additionally, the company continues designing, producing and directing landmark productions and world class events such as “Symphony & Cirque” performed with the Pittsburgh and Baltimore Symphonies, the 25th Anniversary of the Kennedy Center with Marvin Hamlisch and The National Symphony and the 25th Anniversary event for The National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, featuring Vanessa Williams, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Placido Domingo, Quincy Jones and Roy Hargrove accompanied by the 97 piece New World Symphony.

Cirque Productions is headquartered in Dream Studios, a state of the art theatrical production, rehearsal, training, design and wardrobe manufacturing complex.  Exclusively contracted performers are selected by talent scouts and relocated to develop their skills at Dream Studios.  Under the direction of a staff of coaches, choreographers and artistic directors who travel the world in search of new artists, these young dreamers aspire daily to perform and explore their imaginations.  Besides the United States, we have created opportunities for performers from The Mongolian School of Contortion, The Acrobatic Training Center of Beijing China, The Sports Acrobatic Association of Poland, The Moscow Circus, The Russian State College for Variety Arts and more.  Today the company has over 100 of the world’s most talented and skilled individuals working together in an effort to continue entertaining the world with Cirque Productions’ expanding and diverse brand of entertainment.

Cirque Productions’ wardrobe department has designed and manufactured all the costumes, hats, wigs and masks that every performer has worn in our shows since 1993.  Additionally, the shop has created and supplied costumes for musical theatre, custom designs, special events and more.  Along with a multimillion dollar costume inventory, the wardrobe design team has at their disposal thousands of yards of imported fabrics, swarovski crystals, rhinestones, a vast array of trims, notions, unique appliqués and accessories from around the world.  Hand painting, mask sculpting, heat pressing, body molding and milinary work are just some of the unique processes besides sewing that occur daily behind the scenes at Cirque Productions’ wardrobe and design manufacturing division.

Who's Who

URANMANDAKH AMARSANAA (Mongolia) is a recent graduate of the Mongolian State School of Contortion. This is Uranmandakh's first time ever in the United States performing with "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" and part of the contorting lizards.

MARCELLO BALESTRACCI (USA) began performing with Cirque Productions in "Imaginique" at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Since then he has performed with the Company in "Cirque Branson," "Christmas Dreams Coobrila" and now "Jungle Fantasy" where he presents his unique manipulation skills and captains the ensemble jump rope team.!

LAUREN DI BLASI (USA) performed in Neil Goldberg's "Christmas Dreams" in 2005. Lauren has been a featured dancer for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and was featured in the Summer '06 Trump Plaza production of "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy". This is Lauren's second national tour with the company.

JARED BURNETT (USA) has performed on MTV, ABC, CBS, WB, Nickelodeon and Ed McMahon's "Next Star." His unusual electric violin skills have been a featured highlight presentation at Universal Studios Orlando, City Walk in recent years. Jared joined the cast "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" in March '06, and has created the role of the Soul Tree

ZACHARY CARROLL (USA) originally from Madison, Wisconsin, has been training in gymnastics since the age of three. Besides winning numerous regional gold medals, he has been cheerleading for 3 years. Zach joins the cast of "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" after coaching at the University Cheer Force in Orlando, FL and performing in "Cirque Dreams Coobrila".

RUSLAN DMYTRUK (Ukraine) graduated from the Kiev State School of Circus Arts in 1999 after a lifetime of perfecting the art of Juggling. He has appeared on numerous television programs throughout Europe and is happy to be performing the new act "Froggling" for the first time in America with "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy".

IRYNA DMYTRUK (Ukraine) graduated from the International Slavik University in 2003 with a master's degree in Choreography. She has taught courses in choreography, ballet and traditional Ukrainian folk dance, and performed with "Cirque Dreams" in Palm Springs, CA before joining the "Jungle Fantasy" cast.

IVAN DOTSENKO (Ukraine) was born into a multi-generation circus family. He began performing and traveling with his family at age 7. Ivan participates in many aspects of "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy", including his most recent self-taught "Hoop Manipulation" and "Owls on a Perch". This is Ivan's 4th show with Cirque Productions.

VLADIMIR DOVGAN (Ukraine) graduated from the Kiev State School of Circus Arts (Ukraine) in 1989. Together with his partner Anatoliy Yeniy, he began working with Neil Goldberg in 1999 to re-design and choreograph their "Stacking Cylinders" balancing act never before attempted by a duo anywhere in the world. He also performs as the Snake Roller. This is his 7th year with the company.

BUYANKHISHIG GANBAATAR (Mongolia) has been performing the art of contortion since childhood. She trained at the Mongolian State School of Contortion in Mongolia, and now performs as one of the three contorting lizards in "Jungle Fantasy". This is her 4th year performing with the company.

MARIA KVARTALOVA (Russia) trained in dance at the Kiev Choreography Academy in Ukraine. She toured the U.S. as a featured performer in "Moscow 2000" and then joined Cirque Dreams to train and develop silk duo aerial acts through 2005. She has just returned to the U.S. from Russia to once again perform with the company in "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy".

DENYS KUCHER (Ukraine) recently joined the company and is making his American debut in "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy". He was a member of the Kiev Gymnastic Team and National Olympic Team of Ukraine where he was numerous championships throughout the world.

JULIA LANGLEY (USA) is a professional singer, actress, cabaret performer and arts educator. She began performing with Cirque Productions in 2005 as a vocalist in Neil Goldberg's "Cirque Branson" and is happy to be back with the company for this 2nd exciting national tour. Past roles include Velma Kelly in "Chicago" and The Bakers Wife in Stephen Sondheim's "Into The Woods".

VITALII LYKOV (Ukraine) studied Physical Education and Sport at the National University in Kiev, and was a member of the Kiev Gymnastic team competing on an international level. Vitalii has performed internationally in Switzerand and Paris, and is happy to be making his United States debut in "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy", his first show in the United States.

ODGEREL OYUNBAATAR (Mongolia) began training in the art of contortion as a child. Since 2001 she has been performing with the National Art and Dance Ensemble in Mongolia. This is her first time performing in the U.S. and as part of the contorting lizards in "Jungle Fantasy".

SERGEY PARSHIN (Russia) is a three time national champion of the USSR Acrobatics in Kiev, Ukraine. After graduating from the Sports Acrobatics School of Moscow, he decided to pursue a career in theatrical acrobatics in America. He joined Cirque Productions in 1999 and has worked exclusively in various company shows including "Cirque Dreams", "Imaginique" and now "Jungle Fantasy". His strength and aerial skills have become world renown.

GLENN ROGERS (USA) was a competitive gymnast for 11 years. He has performed as a tumbler and stilt jumper for Parades, Universal Studios, Disney and throughout the country. He joined "Jungle Fantasy" in March '06 as an aerobic Jumproper and character, performed this summer in "Cirque Dreams Coobrila" and now trains in a variety of disciplines including single wheel and aerial cube.

NAOMI SAMPSON (USA) has toured with the company for the past 5 years throughout the US, Australia and New Zealand in the original "Cirque Dreams". She holds a Dance Educators of America degree and currently performs the "Duo Butterflyer Act" with partner Sergey Parshin in "Jungle Fantasy".

CARLY SHERIDAN (Canada) has trained and worked as a dancer and competitive gymnast in Canada for over 10 years. She has been part of numerous aerial acrobatic performances including the Trio Trapeze in the original "Cirque Dreams" as well as a featured rope artist in "Cirque Branson". Carly now returns to "Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy" as a Trapeze artist in Owls on a Perch.

SERGUEI SLAVSKI (Russia) graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Training in 1999. He was a member of the Russian Sports Acrobatics Team when he relocated to America for Cirque Productions to train and perform the acrobatic feats he now does in "Jungle Fantasy".

ALEXANDER TOLSTIKOV (Russia) trained at the Sports Acrobatic School of St. Petersburg, Russia. He was a silver medal winner at the 1990 USSR Acrobatics competition of Kiev. His performances with Cirque Productions since 1999 have all been designed and choreographed while training at Dream Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

ANATOLIY YENIY (Russia) graduated from the Kiev State School of Circus Arts (Ukraine) in 1989. Together with his partner Vladimir Dovgan, they toured Hungary, Romania and Turkey with the Moscow Circus. They began working with Neil Goldberg in 1999 to re-design and choreograph their unique balancing act never before attempted by a duo anywhere in the world.

SERGEY ZAMOTIN (Russia) performed with "Cirque Dreams Coobrila" this past summer. He graduated circus school in Russia in 2002 and toured Europe performing rope skipping, acrobatic clowning and juggling. This is his first tour of the United States.

PAUL ALLAN (Producer) has been involved in theatre since before he can remember. In the early days of Gateway, he spent his summers following around his grandfather who had his hands full trying to make ends meet - running a theatre in the 60's. Paul grew up here, looking forward to each summer and being able to do more each year. By the time he was a teenager he was beginning to take charge of maintaining this 7 acre complex as well as becoming an integral part of the back stage crew. In the 80's as a young Gateway producer, Paul spent part of the winter months working in NY on many off-Broadway shows - serving as technical supervisor, production manager, and/or show carpenter. At the same time he co-founded a touring company whose shows traveled throughout the US and other countries worldwide. The set rental company was also founded at this time and Gateway scenery is constantly being trucked to various theatres across the country. The main focus, though, is still the productions he produces here for our patrons.

ROBIN JOY ALLAN (Casting and Artistic Director) has been the Casting Director at Gateway for the last twelve years. Four years ago, she became the Artistic Director at Gateway which includes not only several Manhattan excursions to cast all productions, but involves planning advertising strategies for all productions, hiring creative staff, designing season ads, posters and booklets, overseeing artistic aspects of each production, costumes, sets and wigs, overseeing Children’s Theatre, beautifying the Gateway property from choosing paint colors for actor housing, to adding new perennial floral additions to the Gateway landscape. Prior to moving back home into the wonderland setting of her childhood, she did thrive in Corporate America, spending five years in Los Angeles, casting several TV pilots, MOW’s and feature films. You’ll find her name on the feature films; Parenthood, When Harry Met Sally, Lord of the Flies, Side Out and Ghost. Along with her Artistic and Casting Director duties, she is the force behind Gateway’s Acting School Division, where she teaches the advanced classes. This is her most impassioned work. Her daughter Hayley, inspires her every day. She hopes her effort is good enough to honor her family, and their amazing effort all these years to bring theatre with integrity to Long Island.