Gateway 2008
Will Rogers Follies

With plenty of showgirls in feathers and beads, chorus boys in boots and glitzy chaps and an endlessly massive lighted staircase for them to trot up and down in true Broadway style production numbers, The Will Rogers Follies will prove to be an engaging evening of theatre.

"Will-A-Mania" sweeps into the Gateway Playhouse from May 21 - June 14th.

Tue., Wed., Thurs. @ 8:00
Sun. @ 2:00 & 7:00
Wed. & Thurs. @ 2:00
Fri. @ 8:00
Sat. @ 4:00 & 8:30
Charming, honest and plainspoken, The Will Rogers Follies epitomizes the wit and homespun wisdom of the famed entertainer, cowboy, comedian, philosopher and movie and Broadway star. With a bevy of Show-stopping numbers the life of Will Rogers is chronicled in grand theatrical style. In 1928, anticipating the U.S. presidential campaign, the editor of Life magazine started a campaign challenge to put Will Rogers on the ballot. As the "De-Bunk Party" candidate for president, he was the only man in America deemed capable of making sense of the political hyperbole surrounding a presidential campaign. Sound like current events? In one of the most memorable numbers, "Our Favorite Son," Rogers' historic run for president is given a tour-de-force choreographic celebration of Americana. Performed with the snappy music of Cy Coleman and witty lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green - all veteran pros of the Broadway Musical Theatre - Will Rogers Follies is a sure fire winner of a show.
In a Ziegfeld show, it can never go too long without the introduction of a love interest. Enter Betty Blake, sitting on a moon and "mooning a tune," of course. As Mr. Ziegfeld directs, their wedding takes place at the end of Act I - as in all Follies shows - within a rousing production number that brings down the act curtain. It's musical theatre at its best! Will Rogers Follies stands out among musicals because of the magic of its main character. Rogers said "I never met a man I didn't like," and anyone who sees this gem of a musical will agree there has never been a man - or woman - who I did not like it.
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