2011 Children's Theatre

Dora's Pirate Adventure

Friday's and Saturday's

August 5 - 20

at the Gateway Playhouse

In Dora's Pirate Adventure!, you will find the popular character Dora, Boots the Monkey her best buddy, and her other friends. All of them undertake an exciting trip to the Treasure Island. The kids will also get to see the cousin of Dora named, Diego who is an expert of nature and science. Since it is an interactive show, the audience gets the chance to help Dora and her friends over Singing Mountain, past the silly Singing Bridge and also help them confront the Pirate Piggies. The format of the show is full of challenges, puzzles and obstacles that both the audience and Dora must solve together so as to step up in the next challenge.


Tales from the    Forest

Friday - August 26th

at the Gateway Playhouse

A double-bill of two cherished favorites! Goldilocks and the Three Bears tells the story of a little girl who wanders into the home of a family of bears. While the bears are out, Goldilocks explores the house, sampling the bears’ porridge, trying out their chairs and eventually falling asleep on baby bear’s bed. She gets quite the surprise when she awakes. Hansel and Gretel follows the brother and sister duo as they journey into the forest and discover a gingerbread house owned by a witch, who has some interesting culinary talents. The quick-witted siblings save the day by outsmarting the witch and also learn a valuable lesson about thinking their way out of a bad situation. Colorful costumes and lively music and dance bring these beloved characters to life before your very eyes - these family friendly stories are a delight!

Past Shows


Friday - July 8th

at the Gateway Playhouse

All Cinderella wants is to go to the royal ball but her evil stepmother and stepsisters see to it that it is impossible for her to go. Little do they know that Cinderella’s fairy godmother is on her way to give Cinderella a chance to dance with Prince Charming and be the most beautiful girl at the ball. The magic runs out when the clock strikes twelve and the Prince can only find a glass slipper. Will he be able to use the glass slipper to find Cinderella or will her evil stepmother be able to persuade the Prince to take one of her daughters instead?

Peter Rabbit

Saturday - July 16th

at the Patchogue Theatre

Oh, that little cute bunny and his incessant need for traveling where his mommy told him not to go! Mr. McGregor’s Garden! Watch how he and his siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail try to get him out of the mess he has gotten himself into! The many adventures bring this beloved story to life in this musical fantasy filled with songs, dances and laughter that will delight you and your children.


Jack and the Beanstalk

Friday - July 22nd

at the Patchogue Theatre

Jack is easily persuaded to trade the family cow for some magic beans, but when his mother finds out she throws the beans out the window in anger at her son’s foolishness. Jack wakes up the next morning to find a giant beanstalk, and when curiosity takes over he climbs up and meets the giant at the top. Come see Jack’s battles with the giant to redeem himself and his family in this loveable musical that will spark children's imagination.



Friday - July 29th

at the Patchogue Theatre

We bring back the popular Dinosaurs, from Theaterworks, USA. Inspired by everyone’s favorite prehistoric creatures, this fun and educational show gives us, Fossil, the Dinosaur detective, and a lot of his large acquaintances! Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Stravinsky and Prokofiev provide the rich musical score which highlights the on stage proceedings.