Talent Contest


                   This years winners of our Talent Contest/Audition Workshop!



Once or twice a year we hold workshops so that our students and other young performers on Long Island can have a chance to be seen for TV and FILM projects!  The 2013 Talent Contest is in the planning stages. This will be held in July or August and will be similar to our 2012 Contest.  Please scroll down the page to become familiar with the process and what it entails. This contest is not like the "name the town Idol" contests, or competitions at schools. This contest is at a professional level to afford the participants coaching and a chance at being seen by a panel of agents and managers.

This year we are also planning an Industry Showcase in Manhattan. This will be a little different from the Talent Workshop Competition, where there are no requirements to enroll. This Showcase is meant to represent those who are seriously training in the performing arts. Only 20-25 students will be chosen to participate, based on talent, readiness, and what we call "marketability." Auditions for our Showcase will be announced shortly. If you are currently enrolled in the Spring Session, you will have already received a notification of this upcoming opportunity. If you aren't enrolled in the school at this time, get your self enrolled before it's too late!  We did these NYC Showcases in 2005-2009. They were very successful and rewarding.   More details are soon to come.


                   2012 TALENT CONTEST & WORKSHOP!




“How do I get an agent?” In the Performing Arts Industry, this is a question we hear over and over. And the truth is, there is no easy answer, and getting an agent or being seen by the right casting director, can seem like a never-ending pursuit. And even if you do land an agent or manager, you need to be ready for auditions. Our workshop is designed to open the door, and give you a chance to step inside with a little more polish and guidance.

Singers! Actors and Actresses! All welcome!


This program offers two parts.


You will have two dates to choose from-

July 9 or July 21 @ 11:00AM.

Part One leads to Part Two


July 22nd 5:30PM START

Part One offers you a chance to audition in front of a panel of  professional directors, actors, and Gateway’s casting staff, who will critique your performance and send you off with their suggestions and guidance to be coached by one of the panel members.  

You will be graded in 5 categories.


If you are auditioning with a song, you will be graded on:

PERSONALITY/EXPRESSION (allowing your true self to come thru your work) VOCAL SKILLS (vocal quality- tone, pitch and range,) LYRIC INTERPRETATION, PREPAREDNESS, ORIGINALITY  


      If you are auditioning with a monologue, you will be graded on:  PERSONALITY/EXPRESSION (allowing your true self to come thru your work)

ACTING SKILLS (truth, spontaneity, believability,) TEXT INTERPRETATION,


You will then come back for Part Two of the event. Part Two will consist of the Competition. All enrolled participants will be able to meet the next Panel of Industry Professionals- Agents, Managers and Casting Directors. They will hand their resumes, or pictures to the panel and they will have a one or two question mini interview. The next portion of the competition night will have the highest graded participants perform in the competition for prizes.


Everyone who enrolls in the workshop/talent search will meet entertainment industry professionals; agents, managers and Casting Directors. Only the top 40-50 graded finalists will perform.

You will be informed before the day of the contest, if you will be a finalist in the competition. Whether or not you are a finalist, you will be able to meet the prestigious panel in a mini interview, and view the final competition.  Whether or not you are a finalist, you will still have the opportunity for representation, as this final panel may consider you as a prospective client, whether or not you stay and perform as a finalist.  


Our prize packages are just taking form, but will include in no particular order; one year of acting classes at Gateway Acting School, one session of acting classes at Gateway Acting School, private coaching in Manhattan with an esteemed vocal coach, private audition coaching with a qualified professional, a meeting with a Manhattan talent agent, meeting with a New York manager, a guaranteed audition for an ongoing television or feature film project for an age appropriate role, and many more prizes to come in the category of instruction and careers! There will be an age division winner in each age category. 6-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17, 18-20. There will be more information on prize packages on our web site as the event planning stages are complete. 


Because Gateway Playhouse is a 60+ year old professional institution, Manhattan agents do business with us on a daily basis, submitting their clients for work in our Main Stage productions. Ms. Allan, our director, has worked in the Industry as Casting Director of Film and Television as well as Theater, and all these contacts that have been developed over the years have enabled us to afford this real opportunity for local aspiring performers. During this workshop, career minded performing arts students will study the art of professional auditioning, and have an opportunity to win prizes and representation.

We know this year’s event will be an exciting, and beneficial experience for us all.

             THE NUMBER TO CALL TO ENROLL IN THE WORKSHOP IS (631) 286-1133.

                                       THE GATEWAY BOX OFFICE IS OPEN DAILY.




These workshops/contests are designed to give you professional training and an opportunity for career advancement. They are not designed to hook you in for thousands of dollars for classes, based on someone telling you that you’ve got what it takes. You don’t pay us for head shots, or go to some photographer recommended, that then sends back a commission. Does any of this sound familiar? We have heard all the stories, from young actors we’ve worked with, from families who have been hoodwinked when approached in the malls, and we have a great disrespect for these types of franchise organizations that play on the dreams of your child and your good nature in trying to help them. We would never guarantee career advancement, however the opportunity provided is real and the training is one of a kind.



Many young actors who participate in this workshop will have years of formal training, and will be able to use their learned techniques during this process to their advantage.


But what if you don’t have any training? Agents with years of industry experience are very adept at picking out who has been trained and who hasn’t. However, untrained, natural raw ability does exist, and there are times that Casting Directors or Agents can see through the rawness and recognize that with a little fine-tuning, there is great potential.


                    Panel for the 2011 Summer Audition Workshop:

Jaime Misher from Innovative Artists, Casting Director Jessica Kelly from Chrystie Street Casting, and Laurie Smith from Smith Talent.


                  Panel for the 2012 Summer Audition Workshop:

Manager Stephanie Artuso, from Shirley Grant Mgmt, Casting Director Jessica Kelly from Chrystie Street Casting, Rachel Altman, Abrams Artists.

When you enroll you will be sent a packet of information with details and what to prepare.


                make sure you are on the mailing list for future workshops.We are in the planning stages for Summer 2013.